If you're a busy woman over the age of 35 and are in a body you don't like being in, we can definitely help you solve this PERMA-nently. Our approach is scientifically-proven and modeled from the top fitness, nutrition and mindset experts in the entire world. It will 100% work... 100% of the time. It is extremely effective... and extremely easy to follow. It will completely change your body and your enjoyment of life at a level you probably aren't even aware of right now. It is like nothing else that exists.

However, we are not for everyone and perhaps not for you.  

Most women 'say' they want to get into amazing shape and be able to stay that way... but unconsciously, they want to stay stuck where they're at. They don't want to try anything new. They don't want to question the false beliefs they have about fitness, nutrition and what's possible for them. They want to continue trying band-aid approaches that have never worked (and will never work). They're not willing to take action and invest time, money and energy into this (which is funny because our approach is actually MUCH easier then what they've tried in the past). They choose to continue to 'wing' it. They keep experimenting with the latest fad diet, pill or meal plan... different workout programs or classes... and they stay stuck in frustration... forever spinning their wheels and going nowhere. At the end of the day, sadly they don't value their body, themselves and their long-term health.  

But there are other busy women who absolutely value their body and their health. They look at being able to live with total confidence and vibrancy... and operate at peak performance in their professional and personal life... as one of the most important things they can ever accomplish. They want to get into a body that they love being in... in a way they can actually STICK with... so that they can live the next chapter of their life with unbreakable confidence... endless energy... and total freedom. They're done playing games and they want a short-cut to get them PERMA-nent results in a way that works for them. They realize that being in an amazing body means performing better in all areas of their life.. and having an overall greater quality and length of life.  

So, for those women over the age of 35 who dream of what it would be like to actually get into an amazing body and be able to stay that way without dieting, giving up the foods they love or spending hours in the gym... and are willing to commit to learning how to actually make that happen...  

You are home.  


If we decide it's a fit and invite you to join our program, you can expect a massive transformation in your body, your mind and your overall personal and professional life. Not only will you start to see results very quickly... but you'll soon feel a MASSIVE sense of relief once you realize that you will NEVER need to deal with this ever again.  You will have a PERMA-nent solution... and there is nothing like that feeling!

To learn more details and experience what it might be like to work with us, we recommend you schedule a Breakthrough Session. There is no charge, but you must meet our strict, but reasonable criteria:

-You must be ready to take action NOW (there is NEVER going to be a perfect time - no more excuses)

-You must be committed and willing to invest time, money and energy into transforming your body and life 

-You must be open to learning new things

-You must be coachable, fun, easy to work with... and will do what you say you're going to do 

We're creating a movement -- calling BS on the $60 billion fitness and weight loss industry and all its 'gimmicky' band-aid solutions. We want to work with fun, coachable people who are sick and tired of nothing working... sick and tired of being a fraction of who they used to be or who they want to be. Now, if taking action is scary, you're going to have to get over that if you want to evolve and up-level your life. Because if you won't commit to yourself and take real action to try something different, absolutely nothing will change. It sends a loud signal to the Universe about what you currently believe your body and your life is worth. Making the decision to PERMA-nently transform your body and your life will be THE most important decision you'll ever make as it impacts EVERYTHING in your life! The world's happiest & most successful women all have one major trait: they all believe that their health is the single most important asset they have. 

So, as long as you meet that criteria, book a Breakthrough session. We'll talk and see if it's a good fit. If it's not, that's ok - you'll still get a ton of value and immense clarity out of our time together. However, if it is a fit and we invite you to join us at PermaFit, you'll very quickly come to find that it was one of the best decisions you've ever made in your entire life.